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Saturday, October 24, 2009

NIEX '09 - Pameran Antarabangsa NIEW 2009 ( Wanita NAM : Seribu Wajah )

NIEW International Exhibition 2009

The NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women (NIEW) is pleased to inform that NIEW will be holding an international exhibition entitled Women of NAM: A Thousand Faces which will be held from 23rd – 25th October 2009 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For your information, NIEW is an institute established by the Malaysian Government as a result of a commitment made at the First NAM Ministerial Meeting in 2005 in Putrajaya on the Advancement of Women. Since then, various courses and programmes have been successfully conducted for women from NAM Member Countries. The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and the Government of Malaysia however, wishes to strengthen and widen further the role of NIEW in terms of helping to develop the women of NAM Member Countries, in order to comply with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Among our activities this year is to hold an international exhibition to portray women issues in NAM Member Countries through visual display. NIEW hopes through this exhibition the public will be able to appreciate the efforts made by the members of NAM Countries to empower their women and achieves gender equality. NIEW International Exhibition (NIEX 09) is a unique platform to develop mutual cooperation, exchange of views, sharing of best practices and mechanism and also to strengthen bilateral and multilateral diplomatic ties between NAM Member Countries.

Design by : Babah

Sponsor :

1) Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa
2) Totalife
3) Karangkraf
4) Adabi
5) Nestle 6) Anlene
7) Oki Printing
8) Tourism Malaysia

Stage Events!!
23 October 2009 (Friday)
1.00 p.m.   Talk and Slimming Demonstration by Totalife
2.00 p.m.   Fashion Show by Aniqah Magazine Featuring PSF Boutique
4.00 p.m.   Talk by Universal Peace Foundation (Malaysia)
                  "Family as a School of Love"
7.00 p.m.   Fashion Show by Aniqah Magazine

24 October 2009 (Saturday)
12.00 p.m. Cooking Demonstration by Adabi
1.00 p.m.   Facial Product Demonstration by Aniqah Magazine
2.00 p.m.   Talk by eHomemakers: "Pitfalls of a Home Business"
3.00 p.m.   Talk by Gorgeous Geeks:
                      "Empowering Women Leaders to Succeed in the 21st Century"
4.00 p.m.   Fashion Show by Aniqah Magazine
5.00 p.m.   Children Band Performance
6.00 p.m.   Fashion Show by Aniqah Magazine
7.00 p.m.   Pakistan's Cultural Performance
9.00 p.m.   Acehnese Dance

25 October 2009 (Sunday)
2.00 p.m.   Performance by Pentarama Group
4.00 p.m.   Performance by Limkokwing University

Participating Countries

1) Pakistan
2) United Arab Emirates
3) Yemen
4) Uzbekistan
5) South Africa
6) Malaysia

Trade Exhibitors!!
They are from:

1) Pakistan
2) United Arab Emirates
3) Indonesia
4) Malaysia

Participating Agencies

1) National Council of Women's Organisations (NCWO)
2) Gorgeous Geeks 
3) Alam Teknokrat Sdn Bhd (SKALI) 
4) e-Homemakers Corpcom Services  
5) NAM News Network (NNN)  
6) Centre for Gender Research (CGR) UKM 
7) Yayasan Salam Malaysia 
8) Global Peace Mission 
9) One Stop Crisis Centre, Kuala Lumpur Hospital 
10) Crime Investigation Department, Royal Malaysian Police 
11) Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) 
12) All Women's Action Society (AWAM) 
13) Limkokwing University
14) Malaysian AIDS Council  
15) Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW) 
16) University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)
17) Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) 
18) Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usaha Niaga (TEKUN Nasional) 
19) National Association of Women Entrepreneurs ,Malaysia (NAWEM) 
20) United Nations (UN)
21) SME Corp 
22) Universal Peace Federation of Malaysia 
23) Department of Social Welfare, Malaysia (JKM) 
24) Department of Women's Development, Malaysia (JPW) 
25) Malaysia Social Institute (ISM) 
26) Yayasan Kebajikan Negara (YKN) 
27) Malaysia National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN)

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